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Florida Pygmy Rattlesnake, "Ground Rattler"


Florida Pygmy Rattlesnake, "Ground Rattler"



35 x 49 cm. or smaller

Florida Pigmy Rattlesnake, "Ground Rattler." Sistrurus miliarius Barbouri gloyd. Natural Size, Length - 22 inches. Range: Florida, Lower coastal plain to the Mississippi Valley. R.F. Deckert, from life Miami, Fla., December 1, 1944. Specimen from Pinecrest, Dade Co., Fla. Loaned by Irwin Winte, Conservation Officer

AMNH Special Collections, RF-80-A & RF-80-B: Florida Pygmy Rattlesnake, "Ground Rattler", Richard F. Deckert, 1945.

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Bibliographic Number: b12162097

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Deckert, Richard F. (Richard Frederick), 1878-1971 (artist), “Florida Pygmy Rattlesnake, "Ground Rattler",” AMNH Research Library | Digital Special Collections, accessed April 14, 2021,