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24 x 40 in.

Oil painting. One saber-tooth tiger snarling on edge of cliff. Commonly known as the saber-toothed tiger. Displayed: 1987-1988, "Dinosaurs: Past and Present". Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.

AMNH Special Collections, Art Survey No. 772: Smilodon, Charles R. Knight, 1903.

AMNH Library authority record: Knight, Charles Robert 1874-1953

AMNH Library catalog record: Smilodon

Czerkas, S.M. and Glut, D.F. 1982. Dinosaurs, mammoths, and cavemen: the art of Charles R. Knight. New York: Dutton. p. 56.

Osborn, H.F. 1921. The age of mammals. New York: The MacMillan Co. p. 475.

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Photographic Negative Number: 28471

Photographic Transparency Number: 2435

Photographic Negative Number: 35809

Art Survey Number: 772

Bibliographic Number: b10007714

AMNH Special Collections: Photographic Transparency Collection, Transparency number: 1017

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Knight, Charles Robert, 1874-1953 (artist), “Smilodon,” AMNH Research Library | Digital Special Collections, accessed June 18, 2024,