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Agathaumas, painting by Charles Knight, 1897


Agathaumas, painting by Charles Knight, 1897



1 painting : gouache on paper ; 40 x 57 cm. Signed and dated '97 at lower left. Painting matted, in frame 61 x 79 cm. The fossil remains of Agathaumas were first found in 1872 in the Laramie Formation of southwestern Wyoming during Hayden's Geological Survey of the Territories. The discoverers notified paleontologist Edward Drinker Cope of the find, who found more remains in that area. Cope named the animal Agathaumas sylvestris ("marvelous forest-dweller") in reference to its great size and the environment revealed in the same rocks as its bones. He published a description of it in the Proceedings of the American Philosophical society, v. 12, 1872 (p. 481-483). On label mounted on verso of painting: K:AM 189702. AMNH negative no. 322527; 4"x5" slide no. 2419; 35mm slide no. 2419.

AMNH Library catalog record: Agathaumas [art original]

Library authority record: Knight, Charles Robert 1874-1953

Czerkas, S.M. and D.F. Glut. Dinosaurs, mammoths, and cavemen: the art of Charles R. Knight. New York: Dutton, 1982 (p. 41).

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