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Tylosaurus dyspelor, by Charles R. Knight, 1899


Tylosaurus dyspelor, by Charles R. Knight, 1899



32 x 112 cm. each, in frame 94 x 135 cm.

Watercolor and pencil on paper. Tylosaurus, which swam in prehistoric seas between 87 and 82 million years ago, was a fierce marine reptile that used its sharp teeth and huge jaws to feed on sharks and other marine reptiles, such as plesiosaurs, as well as fish. A Tylosaurus could grow as long as 50 feet and was a superb swimmer.

AMNH Special Collections: Photographic Transparency Collection, Transparency number: 2425

AMNH Library authority record: Knight, Charles Robert 1874-1953

American Museum of Natural History Library

Information on rights available at the repository.

Photographic Negative Number: 46624

Bibliographic Number: b12124230

Barcode Number: 100210178

American Museum on Natural History



Knight, Charles Robert, 1874-1953 (artist), “Tylosaurus dyspelor, by Charles R. Knight, 1899,” AMNH Research Library | Digital Special Collections, accessed June 13, 2024,