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Simia marina (sea monkey)


Simia marina (sea monkey)


Woodblock prints

"Although Gessner called it Simia marina (sea monkey) this is probably a drawing of a dried specimen of a cartilaginous fish known as a chimaera. The prominent dorsal spine, big eye, and rat-like tail are characteristics of the chimaeras, but unlike sharks, they do not have visible gill slits." - Richard Ellis, research associate in the Division of Paleontology at AMNH, Natural Histories

AMNH Library: De aquatilibus from Gessner's Historiae animalium, Konrad Gessner, [1558]

Featured in: Natural histories: extraordinary rare book selections from the American Museum of Natural History Library, edited by Tom Baione. New York : Sterling Signature, c2012.

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Barcode Number: 100113578

Bibliographic Number: b11864023

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Unknown (artist) and Gessner, Konrad, 1516-1565 (author), “Simia marina (sea monkey),” AMNH Research Library | Digital Special Collections, accessed January 18, 2020,