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Alfred J. Klein

Alfred J. Klein was a taxidermiest and a close friend of James L. Clark. Klein moved to Nairobi, Kenya after his first African expedition. In Kenya, he ran a privately owned expedition business and occasionally worked on contract as a director of hunting expeditions for the AMNH. In 1933, he was asked by James L. Clark to aid in the acquisition of materials such as pelts, accessories and the production of panorama photographs for use in Akeley Hall's dioramas.

Klein's panorama picture documenting a Kenyan water hole was used as source material for the painting of the African Hall's Water Hole Group diorama. In 1927, Klein made a rare return to the United States where he met and married Florence Tintera. James L. Clark was the best man at his wedding. In 1944, Klein died at the age of 61 in Kenya.

Alfred J. Klein